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Hartje launches QiO compact utility bike brand

Hartje has launched QiO, a new brand focusing on compact utility e-bikes. The first model under the brand is called Eins, which will be seen at Eurobike in September.

Fritz Jou: assembler adopts “Industry 4.0”

Early on, Fritz Jou decided to fully implement the Toyota Production System and an advanced ERP system, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and thus catering to the needs of higher-end bicycle manufacturers.

Arofly: power analysis for the masses

Thanks to platforms such as Strava, the recording and analysis of performance data has moved from pro to amateur ranks. But most power meters are still priced for pros. Arofly intends to change this with the X-Elite – a product of Taiwan’s high-tech industry.

Polisport acquires Catlike helmet brand

Portugal’s Polisport Group has acquired Spanish premium helmet brand Catlike, the group announced February 18. Polisport will take over all development, production, and sales of Catlike …

True East

True East is a Taiwanese maker of bicycle-specific bags and luggage. Making everything from a complete range of the latest bikepacking-style bags to phone carriers …

Bafang: Global supplier of complete e-bike systems

Bafang is one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete e-drive systems.

Ying Paio Enterprise

Ying Paio is a manufacturer of tire repair products for all vehicles. With a range including tire puncture repair kits, Rubber Patch…

Prologo saddles, grips and tape

Providing products for the road racing, XC, gravel, cyclocross, and gravity segments.

OGK child seats: infinite imagination

For this year’s show, OGK presents its Urban Iki bicycle seats.

Nuvo: over 50 years of accessory design

The boom in sales of electric bicycles has seen Nuvo diversify with new plastic injection and metal manufacturing processes.

KMC sees strong demand during pandemic

E-bike products stood out as a major growth area for KMC.

Latest Designs from Asia Bicycle Trading Company

Asia Bicycle Trading Company has been a leading trading company in the bike industry for over 25 years.

Bone launches Tie Connect system

Take the best features of your smartphone with you whenever you travel.

Smart move from French automotive supplier Valeo

Valeo, a French automotive supplier with a yearly turnover of EUR 19 billion, is now aiming at the e-bike market. Its 48 Volt drive system promises more efficiency and shorter charging times. And it can deliver a massive torque of up to 130 Nm. Valeo’s mid-motor seems aimed at applications where a lot of support is needed – think heavy cargo bikes for commercial use as an example.

Uniwill Technology: gamifying indoor cycling

Uniwill Technology aims to take computer game-style technology and use it to make indoor cycling more exciting.

Darfon: total solutions for e-bike makers

Darfon is a specialist in eco-friendly technologies that delivers innovative IT peripherals, passive components, and green energy solutions.

720armour’s virtual Try-ON app

720armour is a sunglasses brand specially designed for Asian faces. Its product range covers everything from watersports, through cycling, and mountaineering.

Darkbuster lights by BrightStar

BrightStar is a Taiwan-based maker of high-quality lighting solutions.

DynaPack: battery pack expert

DynaPack has been engaged in Lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing for nearly two decades.

Danish cargo bike maker greens up with recycled plastic box

Black Iron Horse came up with a greener version of its familiar cargo bike, with boxes made of entirely recycled plastics.

Bosch MY21 New Nyon Solo

Bosch eBike Systems gets connected in 2021

For the 2021 model year, Bosch eBike Systems is focusing on displays and connectivity.

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