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Comet Bicycle & Neowise

E-gravel bikes are currently one of the biggest trends in the bicycle industry. At Taichung Bike Week, one e-gravel brand in particular stands out: Neowise. With a compelling backstory and grand aspirations, they aim to become an international player.

Kim Hae Chang, President of Comet Bicycle and Neowise

“This is our first time exhibiting at Taichung Bike Week. For us, it is the beginning of a journey, at the end of which we want to be an internationally recognised bike brand,” Kim Hae Chang, President of Comet Bicycle and Neowise, tells us during our visit to the Neowise [Splendor Hotel 1136+1137] booth. The South Korean brand has been one of the eye-catchers on their floor from day one. In particular, the various e-gravel bikes attracted many interested glances.

Equally exciting are the company’s ambitions. Behind Neowise stands Comet Bicycle, a bicycle production specialist based in Gwangju that initially focused on the assembly and distribution of bicycles and bicycle parts in South Korea. “We started as a distributor in 2004, then became an assembler, and since 2016, we have also launched our own brands: Comet Bicycle and Neowise,” summarises Kim. “We have been very successful in our home market. Therefore, it is time to take the next step and become more international.”

A cornerstone of their success strategy lies in the close collaboration with drivetrain manufacturer Mahle. Comet has been responsible for their East Asia service centre and has been the exclusive Mahle supplier in South Korea since 2018. “The European markets are our main target, especially since Mahle can help us with the service. However, we are also searching for local partners who want to go on this journey with us,” Kim says, adding that the company will continue with OEM partnerships and assembly services. “Our core business will remain the same. But we now have outstanding products and, therefore, an excellent chance to increase our market scope.” 

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