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Darfon unveils next generation batteries and smart bike GPS accessory

We stopped by Darfon’s booth on Day 1 of the show for a chat with Evan Chang, Associate Vice President of Darfon’s Green Energy Products …

KMC e-Cargo Chain

The e-Cargo Chain has unparalleled high tensile strength.

APX LITE smart trainer

The brand new Xpedo APX LITE is the best entry-level smart trainer.

Galaxy Series

TAYA’s galaxy series with the unique surface treatment on the chain plate that captures the sparkle.

SKS Compit Anywhere

This mobile phone holder is simple, fast and universal.

Hafny E13 Approved E-bike Mirror 

The HF-M901L/R-FR08 is designed for 45km/h e-bikes.

KMC e-Bike Solution

The perfect e-bike solution by KMC.


bikes under your own brand and a market launch in a maximum of 12 months? No problem!”

Hafny bar end mirror

This super convex mirror is made of HD shatter-proof glass.

GST Technology by Taya Chain

Disc brakes with Taya’s exclusive GST anti-rust coating technology.


The M-Wave Trail Rope is an easy and uncomplicated to use tow aid that can be used for children and teenagers as well as adults.

A-Pro E-Cargo EG4A-B11

The EG4A-B11 E-Cargo features an integrated design.

Wellgo B366 Pedal

Unique one-piece claw design helps to create better performance for mud shedding.

Taya Rollerless Chain Series

TAYA’s rollerless chain series cuts weight by 8%.

Air Bell by Messingschlager

With the Air Bell, Messingschlager offers an optimally hidden security solution using the tiny Apple® AirTag tracking device. The AirBell accommodates the AirTag unobtrusively and …

Bafang H700 Automatic Dual Speed Drive System

Bafang’s H700 built-in automatic dual speed rear drive system is a clean, compact and dynamic rear-motor that aids urban commuting for eCity segment.


Elegant and compact headlamp with a powerful 50 Lux light beam,

XPEDO APX PRO smart trainer

The APX PRO’s 18lb flywheel provides smooth real-world road simulation.

Stan’s Notubes FLOW MK4 rim

The Flow MK4 combines Stan’s patented BST tubeless design with a new asymmetric shape to create more balanced, stronger wheels.

No hot air: here come the “five upright” SKS pumps

These five new floor pumps from SKS GERMANY inspire recreational cyclists and workshop professionals. All floor pumps are equipped with the improved “MV EASY” MULTI VALVE head.

KMC TT Racing Chain

A unique design perfectly complements speed and efficiency through swift shifting via chain and gear tooth interference.

Hafny’s got your back! – E-bike Mirrors 

The HF-M902L/R-FR01 handlebar bike mirror provides two lenses to meet different needs.

A-Pro R001-C35CL Wheel

A-Pro’s R001-C35CL wheels are suitable for both mountain and road bikes.

Folding bikes at Taipei Cycle 2022

Three designs to keep an eye on at Taipei Cycle Show.

Innovation is key to latest electric drive systems at Taipei Cycle

E-bikes have become a driving force of Taiwan’s bicycle exports. But supply shortages have extended lead times massively, so the number of motor manufacturers exhibiting at the Taipei Cycle Show is lower than usual.

Tern Launches the Quick Haul

On the opening day of Taipei Cycle, Tern unveiled its new Quick Haul electric bike. The Quick Haul is a compact e-bike optimized to make life in the city a little easier, a little more convenient, and a lot more fun. 

720armour to launch the first redeemable NFT sport sunglasses

Eyewear specialist 720armour is cooperating with a blockchain startup to launch Mars, the first “Redeemable NFT” sport sunglasses.

Velo releases saddles celebrating the year of the tiger

Velo is adding another animal to their Chinese Zodiac saddle series: the Tiger – the King of the Mountain.

Oli eBike Systems: a quick fix for long delivery times

The Italian manufacturer is now targeting the sports segment, and the specs of its new compact mid-motor are pretty impressive.

Leggero’s overrun trailer brake

Leggero exhibits world’s first independent trailer braking system.

Stromer ST3 Pinion

See the world premier of Stromer’s new ST3 model at the booth of German internal transmission specialists Pinion [FG-O/502].

Outliers do their own thing at Eurobike

While the models of many manufacturers look very similar, a few brands stand out proudly, doing their own thing and serving the need of style-conscious consumers.

New Merida Scultura Team

For the 2022 model year, the Scultura has become even more lightweight, compliant – and aero. Who said you cannot have it all in one bike?

Bikes for water & snow

If you think e-bikes are only for the roads or gravel paths you may be surprised at the offerings from Aquacon [UÖ-224] and Arosno [ÜÖ-299]…

Shimano debuts new Dura-Ace 9200 at Eurobike

A decade after the launch of its first electronic Di2 shifting system, Shimano [B3-300] is rolling out the third generation of the technology with the new Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 groupsets at Eurobike.

Komperdell turns around bike backpack construction

MTB Team Pack launch at Eurobike is targeting retailers and mountain bikers.

Shimano off-road footwear gains from new sole compound

Shimano [B3-300] is rebuilding its off-road footwear line from the ground up, with the launch of its own Ultread compound to make soles more durable. Shimano …

Blubrake ABS G2

Blubrake aims to make e-bikes safer. Small, lightweight, and adaptive, its Blubrake ABS G2 is the second generation of the firm’s e-bike-specific anti-lock braking system. …

Joyland E-Cargo Long Tail

The Joyland E-Cargo 001LT is designed for all occasions

Higo’s flexible battery connectors

New design facilitates difficult mating angles in downtube positioned batteries.

M-Wave Spy Space Mirror Series

The M-Wave Spy Space series of bicycle mirrors stylishly showcase e-bikes and are in some cases even approved for use on speed pedelecs.

Zeno CapLock Anti-Theft Parts

Zeno’s gravity-based anti-theft parts protect components without keys.

Bird Bike

Bird’s new consumer e-bike is built to move with precision, style, and performance.

Schwalbe Pick-Up Cargo Tire

Schwalbe’s first true cargo tire the Schwalbe Pick-Up, easily gets any load of up to 300 kg rolling – at the same time, it is …

Bafang H700 Automatic Dual Speed Drive System

A clean, compact and dynamic rear-motor that aids urban commuting for eCity segment.

WD-40 Specialist Bike Products

WD-40’s Specialist Bike products offer powerful formulations to help cyclists get the job done right

Velco’s Fleet manager solutions for e-bike

Velco’s fleet management tools make it easier to maintain your pool of bicycles.


“E-bikes under your own brand and market launch in a maximum of 12 months? No problem!” This is the promise made by the importer Messingschlager …

by.schulz Stem Quill Twist Pro SDS

Stem Quill Twist SDS offers an easy-to-use twist function as well as SDS.

Tannus Armour Tubeless

New from Tannus is the Armour Tubeless in a narrow version for tires from 700 x 33 – 47C, such as gravel tires.

Hub Drives meet broad range of market demands

Modern hub motors on show at Eurobike offer some advantages that mid-drive motors can’t compete with.


The Bike Guard Curv is a high-spec hardshell box for bike storage

Kryptonite Incite XBR Rear Light

The Incite XBR Rear Light features an acceleration sensor, light guide and memory function.

A-Pro R001-C42CL

The APRO-R001 improves rigidity by 102%, with 19% better impact strength.

A-Pro ONCA6.0-CA-S-29er

The ONCA 6.0-CA-S-29er Fully is designed for conquering extreme terrain.

KryptoLok 610 S Folding Lock

New KryptoLok 610 S Folding Lock features 5mm hardened steel links for moderate security lock ups.

FLR’s popular F-11 shoes now come in knit

FLR spent the 2020 racing season testing its top-of-the-line F-XX knit in the World Tour pro peloton to gain feedback from the world’s best riders on how to improve the concept.

What’s not to love about the new E-Bhan 2.0 from Safety Labs?

Safety Labs’ new E-Bhan 2.0 wraps the head with better materials and an improved design for greater protection.

Safety Labs X-Eros 2.0

The elite-performance X-Eros helmet just got upgraded to make it more aerodynamic, lighter, and safer.

Kryptonite Incite X6 Smart Light

Kryptonite’s Incite X6’s double lens technology provides high quality precise light distribution.

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