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Kool Sports to Debut their New 2-in-1 Kids Push & Bike at Taipei Cycle

The 2-in-1 push bike’s module enables conversion from push to pedal or vice-versa in 60 seconds

Kool Sports International (Taipei Cycle Booth: M1332) has been involved in the sporting goods industry for just on 30 years. Beginning as a purely ODM operation they later added OEM and trading company services. With market changes in recent years the company has refocused on the ODM side of the business as well as developing their own brands which earned them a Taipei Cycle d&i award in 2017 for one of their kids balance bikes. 

Products available from Kool Sports span the spectrum of sports from snow boards to pogo sticks, e-kick scooters to roller skates, and adult recumbent tricycles and trikes. Recent projects include the development of indoor fitness equipment in collaboration with Decathlon.

A signature product is the range of kids balance bikes including the Y-Bike developed in collaboration with a French retailer. The company will launch one of their latest products at the upcoming Taipei Cycle, the 100% MIT 2-in-1 kids balance bike which can be converted to a pedal bike in 60 seconds by the addition of a crank, chain and sprockets in the form of an all-in-one fully sealed module.

“The original design idea was to allow children to carry out the conversion themselves, safely, easily and quickly; conversion can be done in 1 minute,” said Kool Sport’s R&D Manager and the bike’s designer, Alex Wang.

“That required us to take into account both functional and safety standards applicable to push bikes and bicycles in a number of countries,” he said.

In the 60 second seven-step process when adding or removing the module, the hand-sized right-threaded knobs are key. One knob locks the footrests to the frame extension directly below the seat. Unscrewing it allows removal of the footrests module which can then be strapped onto the seat post to use as reflectors.

Unscrewing the second knob from the rear wheel axle on the drive side and removing the wheel cover allows the rear of the module to slot into place on the axle. You then slot the front of the module into the footrest bracket and screw the knob back on to lock it onto the bracket.

Screwing the rear knob back onto the rear axle similarly firmly locks the module into place to the wheel and the rear stay. Reverse the process to convert back into a balance bike.

“Enabling the pedal module to be installed without removing the wheels required exercising extremely precise manufacturing tolerances so the front and rear single fork blades are exactly the same,” said Wang.

“This type of fork design is rarely found on children’s bikes. It’s essential for the design to work and reduce weight into the bargain. Our ODM service also provides for frames to be designed according to customers’ particular requirements.” he said.


Taipei Cycle Booth: M1332

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