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Bicycle industry tech surge is drawing attention from investors

Why is the bicycle industry currently so appealing to new firms and investors?

Eurobike extends Investors Lounge programme

Investor's Lounge will extend scope to recruiting and supply chain issues and investment activities in Asia.
A-Forge VT Kenith Chang & Alex Lin

A-Forge Expands Aluminum Frame Production at Vietnam Factory

Taiwan maker invests heavily to meet e-bike demand.

Discover the Latest in LEV Standardisation

Register now for a free information meeting on EU standards at Eurobike, organised by LEVA-EU/SBS.

Ecomobility Experience Gallery at Eurobike

More and more companies are adding small electric vehicles to their fleets to have greater versatility.

Erhard Büchel dies: pioneering businessman and CONEBI/WBIA president

Erhard Büchel has passed away at the age of 71.

What's your impression of Eurobike 2024?

Mostyn Thomas
D30, U.K.

It feels like there’s real momentum returning to the industry. You get a sense for an industry by the trade show. The level of interest and engagement with customers, I’m certainly feeling that. We’ve been out of the show for a few years, we tactically withdrew. Straight back in now, launching new products. So we’re excited to be back. A good first day, and we hope the momentum continues. I think the brands that are waiting for the market to return before investing in innovation and R&D, and what they’re doing with their brands, are the ones that will be left behind. The brands that will be strong and that will succeed are those that invested in a downturn. We found the benefits of that, we’ve taken the opportunity in the last couple of years to really invest in our brand, the products that we’re developing, how we’re approaching the market, and we’re excited to bring it (to Eurobike) now. We’ll reap the benefits from it. The brands that do that, will be the brands that get ahead.

Paolo Bailetti
Gruppo SRL, Italy

I think that it’s less crowded than last year. That’s my feeling, at least my initial feeling. I still have to visit so many partners, but that’s the first impression I got. It’s a good chance to meet all the people in the cycling industry, so it’s always good. It’s always alive, the cycling industry. I’m not especially impressed – I mean, I saw what I was expecting to see. We’re working in the cycling business, so we knew already what’s coming from the cycling industry.

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Astro Tech Innovative frame design

A new utility-boosting bike frame design from Astro. This aluminium chassis includes an innovative dual-battery system to extend the vehicle’s range and enhance functionality and

Acer ebii AI-driven E-bike

Acer’s ebii is an AI-driven smart bike that adapts to the pedalling power, riding conditions, and assistance preferences of its user, learning over time for

A-Pro EG4A-B21 cargo bike

A versatile three-wheeler with multiple front box options. The twin-front wheels of the EG4A-B21 cargo bike make for maximum stability and ease of parking. A

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