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Eurobike closing report:
Weathering the overstock storm

The world’s leading bicycle trade show covered a wider spectrum of e-mobility than ever before, and organizers fairnamic declared themselves fully satisfied with the event.

CIE pushes for sustainability – and more

CIE sustainability summit; Women In Cycling.

Hopper Mobility On Bike Lane

Eurobike widens its scope beyond bicycles

Eurobike is attracting exhibitors from outside the bike industry.

Powerbox Charging

Eurobike offers biggest e-bike charging hub ever

Eurobike visitors will be able to arrive at the show from far and wide thanks to the ability to park and charge.

Bembel Grit, Demo Area

Eurobike’s Stefan Reisinger: Welcome to Frankfurt

Stefan Reisinger, CEO of Eurobike organizer fairnamic GmbH, on what to expect from this year’s show.

What’s on at Eurobike?
Events programme is now online

Choose from more than 200 events from social rides to the Eurobike

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Eurobike 2023 -VOX POP

What’s grabbed your attention at Eurobike?

Gert-Jan van Breugel

Gert-Jan van Breugel, Modyn
Managing Director, Netherlands

I would say the massive amount of cargo bikes. Last year it was already a trend, but it looks like every brand now has a longtail or something in the cargo segment, carrying kids, or carrying groceries. Very interesting to see how that develops and if it’s also picked up by the consumers. That’s for sure something to look out for. What also strikes me is that we’re also exploring different frame technologies, in terms of aluminum extrusion, we’re looking at sheet metal, carbon plastic. There will be more options for consumers in the future.

Simon Jensen

Simon Jensen
Freelance consultant, Denmark

I think this bike here (pictured) is quite amazing. It’s an add-on bike. You can transform it – if you have an old bike, you can make it into a cargo bike. I also like this slogan on the frame: “upgrade, don’t replace.” Every time you want somebody to buy a new bike, you should be asking, why don’t you use the one you have? This product makes that possible. I’m a consultant for people who own shops, I give them good advice. I think I’ll put this one on the list.

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Xpedo Thrust Arrow

The Thrust Arrow road pedal by Xpedo offers adjustable q-factor to get the perfect fit. Innovative design features q-factor adjustments on each pedal with its

Velo Sustainable products

Velo has developed several different processes to minimise its wastage and environmental impact. As a result, it now reuses foam wastes via an in-house recycling


The Velo-Guard e-bike lock by HNC Switzerland is fully integrated into the headtube/steerer tube. Completely hidden, it presents no target for thieves. The handlebar is


REV II (short for REVOLUTION 2) is Thun’s new product line featuring 100 % CNC-machined (in Germany) crank arms for upscale e-bikes with central motors.

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