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Eurobike goes global

Eurobike organizer is launching two new trade shows for 2024.

Full Speed Ahead: “Sustainability is a long-term project”

Climate and environmental protection are top of the agenda for many companies in the bicycle industry.

Taiwan export data shows P&A hit

Focus on high-end keeps Taiwan's bike industry afloat.

A 20-year Journey in Mobility Electronics

AVS Electronics and its Taiwan subsidiary AVE Mobilityshowed its innovative range of smart, modular displays, controllers and remotes.

Classified Cycling’s next-generation drivetrain

Unlike a traditional front derailleur, the system can shift in 150 milliseconds and under loads of up to 1,000 ...

Comet Bicycle & Neowise

From South Korea to the world: "For us, it is the beginning of a journey"

Couldn’t make it to Taichung Bike Week in person?
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Eurobike 2023 -VOX POP

What’s grabbed your attention at Eurobike?

Gert-Jan van Breugel

Gert-Jan van Breugel, Modyn
Managing Director, Netherlands

I would say the massive amount of cargo bikes. Last year it was already a trend, but it looks like every brand now has a longtail or something in the cargo segment, carrying kids, or carrying groceries. Very interesting to see how that develops and if it’s also picked up by the consumers. That’s for sure something to look out for. What also strikes me is that we’re also exploring different frame technologies, in terms of aluminum extrusion, we’re looking at sheet metal, carbon plastic. There will be more options for consumers in the future.

Simon Jensen

Simon Jensen
Freelance consultant, Denmark

I think this bike here (pictured) is quite amazing. It’s an add-on bike. You can transform it – if you have an old bike, you can make it into a cargo bike. I also like this slogan on the frame: “upgrade, don’t replace.” Every time you want somebody to buy a new bike, you should be asking, why don’t you use the one you have? This product makes that possible. I’m a consultant for people who own shops, I give them good advice. I think I’ll put this one on the list.

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