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MPF’s road-focused 3.0 motor balances weight and power

Taiwanese maker MPF [N0826] believes it’s struck the right combination with its new 3.0 unit.

E-bikes made for two

Pillion passengers can hitch a lift on a motor scooter, so why not on an e-bike?  Electrical assistance and …

Taking the right turns

Taiwan’s bicycle industry rests on the shoulders of many family-owned small and medium enterprises, and First Bicycle Components [K0102] …

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Have supply chain problems impacted your business?

Samuel Chang
Executive Vice President, ZJ Co., Ltd.

The supply chain problems that have impacted other companies as a result of the pandemic have not affected us. We have been focused on the R&D for our main product, IB Grips 2.0, over the last seven years to get it almost to where we want it. Moreover the electronic components we rely upon are small and specialized yet easy to get.

Totto Lin
Sales Representative, Sanfa Bicycle Industrial Co., Ltd.

We experienced a lot of pressure. Bike assembly is our focus and our main problem started out as one of undersupply of components—we experienced significant production delays as a result of the pandemic. And then customers asked us not to ship bikes, resulting in us stockpiling a lot of bikes in the second half of last year. The pressure has come right off this year though.

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KMC e-Cargo Chain 

The e-Cargo Chain has unparalleled high tensile strength, exceeding international tensile-strength standards to achieve a market-leading 1350kgf which is 30% higher than other KMC e-Bike

Meilan E-bike Display E1

The E-bike Display E1 combines an E-bike Display, app, and Breadcrumb GPS e-bike computer in one device.

Polini Motori E-P3+ System

An innovative latest generation motor, Polini’s E-P3+ motor for e-bikes weighs just 2950 grams in a compact volume.

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