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Eurobike Show Daily 2023

Product Overviews Eurobike 2024

Here are the Product Category Overviews we’re preparing for the Eurobike Show Daily 2023.
If you have products that fit into any of these categories, please contact the writers directly as soon as possible. Deadline: XXXXXX, 2024.

 As well as these product overviews, the Show Daily welcomes submissions for our New Product pages. We try to include as many as we can, depending on available space. Advertisers are always guaranteed 3 x Product Highlights. See our Media Kit for details.


Make sure you’re covered in the Show Dailies at Eurobike

Writer: Joe Delves

Accessories: E-bike accessories – mirrors, bike bags, phone holders and baskets 

Accessories: Lights

Accessories: Pumps / tools

Accessories: Saddles   

Bikes: Utility segment – everything with pedals, including folders

Components: Chains


Writer: Laurens van Rooijen

Bikes: Cargo 1 – Family movers with pedals   

Bikes: Cargo 2 – Professional logistics – commercial (inc e-bikes)

Bikes: Cargo 3 – Compact & Capable (inc e-bikes)

Bikes: MTBs (including eMTBs)

Components: Brakes (all kinds)

E-bikes: Hub drives

E-bikes: Mid-drive motors

E-Bikes: Light drives


Writer: Wendy Booher

Accessories: Locks – theft protection general

Bikes: Children’s (inc e-bikes)

Bikes: Road 2 – Gravel

Components: Drivetrains general

Components: Suspension

Wheels: general


Writer: Thomas Froitzheim

Accessories: Apps/GPS/ecosystems – broad scope


Writer: Barbara Smit

Accessories: Bags & panniers — Urban Commuting   

Accessories: Bags & panniers — Camping/adventure/bikepacking (inc carriers)

Accessories: Backpacks

Accessories: Sunglasses (eyewear)

Apparel: Chamois / pads

Apparel: Footwear

Apparel: Off-road


Writer: Dave Atkinson

Accessories: Helmets – ‘smart helmets’, sensors, comms accessories

Bikes: Road general (focus on e-road) 

Tires: e-bikes / urban / utility / cargo

Tires: MTB

Tires: Road


Writer: Marek Wawrzynek

Accessories: Grips (inc bartape)

Green products – sustainable – Eco

Suppliers: Frame makers

E-bikes: batteries/components (excluding drives)

E-bikes: commuter – city – folders


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