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Tannus Airless and Armour Series

Tannus Airless
Tannus Airless Cargo

South Korean manufacturer Tannus (Hall 1 / M0507) has been making waves with new patents and products that promise puncture-proof performance. A prime example of their efforts is Tannus Airless, a technology that “bids farewell to frustrations and welcomes boundless rides,” as Jazz Walia explains. The CEO and co-founder of Tannus International hopes that the technology will once more create a buzz at Taipei Cycle. “Tannus Airless ensures uninterrupted rides, allowing you to focus solely on the exhilaration of cycling. No more unexpected halts—just seamless freedom on two wheels,” he adds.

Tannus Armour insert

Indeed, at just 370g, Tannus Airless Tires weigh the same as the majority of tube and tyre combinations on the market. Additionally, the system’s longevity, with a guaranteed tyre mileage of more than 5,000 miles with only 1.5mm of wear, so they’re a great option for anyone who’s looking for a long-life option with minimal upkeep: couriers, last-mile delivery and hire bike fleets are obvious matches. The company is looking to connect with OEM and B2B customers at Taipei Cycle.

Tannus Armour tubeless

Another highlight at Taipei Cycle is the Tannus Armour series, an insert for tyres designed to enhance both the stability and the rolling characteristics of the tyre. “With Tannus Armour inserts, puncture protection reaches new heights, covering up to 85% of your rims. Conquer urban terrains without worry, as your wheels remain shielded from damage, elevating your riding experience to unprecedented levels,” Walia says. A variant for tubeless tyres is also available. Tannus promises high puncture protection, enhanced grip on the trail, reduced vibrations, and a secure tyre fit on the rim, all while ensuring easy installation, relatively low weight, and a fair price.

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