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Joyland 36V Electric 4-Wheeler for Kids

Joyland 36V Electric 4 Wheeler For Kids

This 71 cm wheelbase 4 wheel electric vehicle with a seat height of 50cm is powered by a 36V 500W brush motor that draws power from a 36V, 12Ah lead acid battery and starts via an electric starter. The battery’s charging period is 6-8 hours. The chain drive transmission features F-N-R gearing. Suspension is available as either single shock or dual with a single or dual disc brake option that allows a braking distance of 20km/h ≤5m. The ground clearance is 6 cm; the N.W is 40kg with a maximum load of 50kg. The unit is 108cm in length, 60cm in width, and 71cm in height.

Taipei Cycle: S1133 Booth

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