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Tannus: Promoting a Future Without Flat Tyres

When it comes to cycling, few things are more frustrating than a flat tyre. Under the motto “tyres that never go flat”, South Korean manufacturer Tannus has focused on producing puncture-proof bicycle tyres. Their latest breakthrough is Tannus Airless, a technology that promises more than 5,000 miles without a puncture. We sat down with Jazz Walia, CEO and Co-Founder of Tannus International, to learn more about this development and also his goal to partner up with more OEMs and B2B clients.

In the pursuit of puncture-proof solutions for bicycle tyres, one name consistently comes up: Tannus. For several years, the South Korean manufacturer has been making waves with new patents and products that promise puncture-proof performance, a commitment that has already garnered the company significant international attention. A prime example of their efforts is Tannus Airless, a technology that “bids farewell to frustrations and welcomes boundless rides,” as Jazz Walia explains. The CEO and co-founder of Tannus International hopes that the technology will once more create a buzz at the upcoming Taipei Cycle Show (Hall 1 / M0507). “Tannus Airless ensures uninterrupted rides, allowing you to focus solely on the exhilaration of cycling. No more unexpected halts—just seamless freedom on two wheels,” he adds.

A closer look reveals that this claim is anything but exaggerated. The genius behind the Tannus Airless puncture protection lies in its simplicity: the tyre is infused with a light, patented multi-cell foam. As a result, concerns like bursting tubes, punctures, or tyre holes become things of the past. “A fascinating aspect is that the Tannus Airless tyre is the first solid material tyre for bicycles whose performance and weight are comparable to traditional tires. This has been one of the challenges with similar systems until now,” Walia says.

Indeed, at just 370g, Tannus Airless Tires weigh the same as the majority of tube and tyre combinations on the market. Additionally, the system’s longevity, with a guaranteed tyre mileage of more than 5,000 miles, should be a good argument for users, retailers and manufacturers. Notably, the Tannus Airless tyre can be used with existing wire bead rims – another advantage. “Another interesting fact is the eco-friendliness of the system,” the CEO adds. “Tannus Airless is 100% recyclable, ensuring every cycle benefits the planet.”

Besides traditional bicycle users, Walia hopes that the system can also revolutionise the B2B sector, believing that “companies such as DHL, UPS, and fellow industry leaders could benefit” from the technology. Moreover, OEMs should benefit from the technology, especially in the e-bike and cargo bike market. Walia: “These markets face additional challenges, particularly when it comes to flat tyres. Repairing a flat tyre on the side of the road can be one of the most challenging tasks for cyclists, especially with the added weight and complexity of electric and cargo bikes. If an e-bike gets a flat tyre, it can significantly impede the rider’s ability to continue their journey, highlighting the need for robust maintenance strategies and possibly carrying extra equipment for roadside repairs.

By the way, Tannus Airless isn’t the only technology the South Koreans will show at Taipei Cycle Show that takes on flat tyres. At the end of our chat, Walia mentions Tannus Armour, an insert for tyres designed to enhance both the stability and the rolling characteristics of the tyre. “With Tannus Armour inserts, puncture protection reaches new heights, covering up to 85% of your rims. Conquer urban terrains without worry, as your wheels remain shielded from damage, elevating your riding experience to unprecedented levels,” he says, also referring to Tannus Armour Tubeless, a variant for tubeless tyres. Tannus promises high puncture protection, enhanced grip on the trail, reduced vibrations, and a secure tyre fit on the rim, all while ensuring easy installation, relatively low weight, and a fair price.

A conversation with Walia reveals why Tannus is such a frequently mentioned name in the battle against flat bike tyres. With Tannus Airless, Tannus Armour, and Tannus Armour Tubeless, the company offers three solutions designed to make cycling more enjoyable. Walia says: “Our products protect you from punctures, help you get to a safe place, and also protect your rims from getting damaged. They are a commitment to limitless rides, liberated from puncture frustrations.”

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