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Wellgo Pedals

Wellgo [Lin Wedding Garden] is probably the world’s best-known pedal maker. Established in 1980, it has grown to offer a comprehensive range of products for every market section. You might find its plastic pedals on a cost-efficient city hybrid or its clipless platforms on a high-end racing bike. Each and every one of these is the product of the firm’s in-house research and development team, which has secured over 70 patents worldwide. 

“Wellgo specialises in manufacturing pedals and is devoted to research and development of new product designs and possibilities,” says Wellgo’s Jennifer Chen. “Our motto is to provide good quality products with the most cared service to our customers.” These customers can choose from the firm’s existing ranges or work with Wellgo to create fresh products. “We’re always open to new ideas and do our best to help customers accomplish their wants and needs in pedals,” explains Chen. “We hope to help customers to make their design come to life and to always find the right pedal they need”. 

Following trends in the market, the firm has worked hard to create new products specifically for the e-bike and gravel segments. Recently, the firm has also branched out into other related fields. This has seen the sub-brand Xpedo release the APX Pro smart trainer. This turbo features integrated sensors that provides speed, power and cadence data to fine-tune and monitor your progress and let you connect to your favourite virtual training app. Calling on similar expertise is another current project, the creation of the firm’s first-ever power meter pedals. These will soon be released and will surely be a topic of conversation at the show. “This year, we hope to see our friends and to catch up on what the market needs,” says Chen. “Of course, we always hope to meet with new friends as well and want to let more people know about pedals and the services we can provide. For us, Taichung Bike Week is a show that doesn’t feel like a show. It’s a more relaxed environment for people to see our new products. It’s the centre of the bicycle business.”

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