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KMC: an expanding line of drivetrain components

KMC Chain [Lin Wedding Garden] creates the products that keep bikes moving forward. It’s one of a small number of dedicated chain makers and boasts its own manufacturing and design capabilities. Its strategy has been to serve the industry by focusing on designing and developing products based on the needs and preferences of end users while also working to create market demand. 

KMC e-Bike solution

“Over time, our chains have become stronger, safer, more advanced, competitive and innovative,” explains KMC’s Jannie Wan. “We now provide products and services to users across 150 countries, playing an important role in the global bicycle industry”. 


The firm takes a responsive attitude to shifts in the market and provides products that match current trends. “With the bicycle market undergoing rapid transformation and the diverse use of e-bikes, KMC combines knowledge of the market trends with a proactive attitude to generating market demand,” says Wan. This has seen it expanding its e-bike solution products, which now go beyond chains to include dedicated e-bike chainrings and cassettes. “There’s no doubt that e-bikes are still the most important trend in the future bicycle market,” says Wan. “This isn’t limited to high-end bicycles but will become a popular way to connect work and life for many people. In addition, with sustainable environmental issues, the market is now looking for parts with greater durability, longer life cycles and more environmentally friendly production processes to reduce carbon emissions”. Of course, chains remain at the heart of this strategy. 

KMC eGlide

The firm is keen to promote its newest eGlide chain at the show. This product combines the technology and design from the current X-Series and e-Series chains. It features perfectly tuned component heat treatment and has an internal double X-Bridge between chain plates. It provides excellent durability and smoother shifting performance while maintaining the e-Series market-leading tensile strength. Its functionality is helped by the firm’s Shield Tech, which ensures an industry-leading pin power for ultimate torsional strength. It’s also compatible with Shimano’s Cues system. At Taichung Bike Week, KMC is hoping to plan future collaborations. “The show offers instant communication,” says Wan. “We’ll be using the opportunity to provide the latest and future product information and formulating future project production plans with our customers”.

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