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Yamaha starts mid-motor assembly in Europe

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Europe’s plant in Saint Quentin was originally built by MBK Industrie.

Yamaha Motor Europe has recently taken a strategic step to solidify its presence in the burgeoning European e-bike market. The Japanese giant recently inaugurated a mid-motor assembly line at its Saint Quentin facility in France. This move signifies a two-pronged approach: reducing lead times for European e-bike manufacturers and minimizing Yamaha’s environmental impact.

Assembled PW-S2 mid-motors ready to be shipped to e-bike manufacturers.

While the bicycle industry grapples with overstock issues, experts predict a robust rebound in demand, driven by societal trends and supportive policies. This upsurge will necessitate a robust supply chain, and Yamaha is positioning itself to meet that challenge head-on. The assembly line has been set up at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Europe’s plant in Saint Quentin, located halfway between Compiègne and Roubaix in the Aisne department. This factory was originally built by MBK Industrie and was been used to assemble a variety of motorbike models. The plant will now accommodate the production of PW-S2 mid-motors.

Yamaha Motor Europe’s CEO Olivier Prévost welcomes visitors at the opening ceremony.
Some manual labor is still needed throughout the assembly of Yamaha’s mid-motors.

The localized assembly promises swifter delivery times for European e-bike manufacturers, enhancing their responsiveness to market fluctuations. Additionally, a shorter supply chain translates to a reduced carbon footprint for Yamaha’s operations. The high-profile attendance at the assembly line’s opening ceremony, including industry leaders like Accell Group CEO Tjeerd Jegen and Kenichi Muraki, manager of Yamaha Motor s Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit, underscored the significance of Yamaha’s commitment to the European e-mobility landscape.

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