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E-Bike Batteries: Shrinking Size, Growing Power 

Your e-bike isn’t going anywhere if it doesn’t have power. Battery makers have been vital to the e-bike revolution and are still at the forefront of a transformative technology. After all, the process of batteries shrinking in size and increasing in capacity kicked off the electric mobility trend in the first place.

This same struggle is still evident in the products on show this year as companies seek to reduce the size and increase the output of their units. At the same time, user-friendliness, whether for bike makers or end users, has become a key way that battery suppliers seek to stand out. As are increasing serviceability and safety. Below, you’ll find the latest batteries to power your designs. 

SEGL Energy’s Rhino battery pack includes an integrated battery management system

SEGL Energy’s [I0124] e-bike systems are made in Taiwan. The company offers a wide range of OEM and ODM products and can customise battery packs for most e-bikes. It also provides battery module outsourcing services and system integration solution services.

The firm has established bases in Japan, the United States and Europe to provide customers with fast and easy product maintenance services. Today, SEGL’s broad competencies see it create products for a range of light vehicles, making it an ideal partner for e-bike makers and creators of less traditional forms of electric-powered transportation. A perfect example is its Rhino IR-7 battery pack, which has passed UL2271 certification and includes an integrated battery management system (BMS) to provide safe and stable performance.

Merry Electronics [S0802] was established in 2003 and has come to serve the needs of a broad range of electronics manufacturers through its specialisation in delivering innovative battery packs and power accessories. Its range now includes e-bike battery packs, USB-C power banks, and wireless chargers. At Taipei Cycle, it’s particularly keen to demo its off-the-shelf batteries.

Merry is happy to help with the physical and digital integration of its battery products

Merry’s e-bike battery lineup is customisable to suit various e-mobility needs and can be matched to multiple bicycle styles. Its batteries range from 200 to 700Wh and are available to work with 24 to 48-volt platforms. Case options include rear rack, on-frame, in-tube and semi-in-tube variants. Its engineers excel in diverse material structures, and its products fulfil the IP67 water and dust resistance standard. The company’s firmware expertise also enables seamless integration into the drive system along with Internet of Things (IoT) applications.   

Viridus [L0302] is a Danish-based European battery manufacturer specialising in high-quality battery packs for the e-mobility industry.

New firm Viridus offers EU-made batteries that cut transport-based CO2 emissions

It was created as a joint venture between the Chinese company Greenway and LEVA-EU member Promovec, which already supplies various components and services for electric bicycle production.

Viridus aims to create innovative batteries with a reduced environmental impact that can serve the European market without needing to be shipped long distances, thus saving further CO2 emissions. This year, the firm is keen to highlight its Invisible battery pack, which is designed to be placed inside the downtube. This slick arrangement will suit lightweight and aesthetically pleasing bike designs and benefits from the company’s new battery line. This allows it to create products with more charging cycles and a greater energy density. 

Trend Power [S0526] supplies batteries and chargers to several big bike makers and is partnered with Shimano for servicing across North America. This year, it’s exhibiting its new off-the-shelf products. First, its In-Frame Tube 800 battery offers an 800Wh capacity via its 21700 20Wh cells.

Trend Power’s Slim Tube batteries now pack more power with no increase in size

The entire In-Frame line benefits from a user-friendly design, including battery mounts that make installing and removing the battery easy. You’ll also find matching chargers, cable harnesses, and battery mounts to support bikemakers and end users. Those designing the most lightweight and slender tubed bikes will also want to check out Trendpower’s new Slim Tube batteries. These now come in uprated 800 and 600Wh capacities. Their new higher capacities still fit the same profiles, so builders won’t have to change their designs while being able to pack in more power. Both work with the firm’s extender batteries and are fully compatible with Shimano drive systems. 

Phylion Battery [L0305] has a range of new power packs on show this year. Its IT28 is a newly launched in-tube battery that’s suitable for a wide range of different applications. It offers a 530Wh capacity, achieved via an array of 21700 cells. It uses the popular Canbus communication protocol and offers robust IPX7 waterproofing. The entire unit weighs 3.2kg and arrives with EN15194:2017 certification. Its sibling, the IT29, offers similar features but with a larger 900wh capacity and 4.9kg weight that’s ideal for bikes with oversized tyres.

Trend Power’s Slim Tube batteries now pack more power with no increase in size

By comparison, Phylion’s IT30 provides power from a more compact package. Its clean, slimline design and minimalist 2.4kg mass make it a good fit for lightweight e-trekking bikes. At the same time, its 420Wh capacity offers plentiful support. Finally, the 400Wh IT30 is unique in combining battery and controller into a single unit. This results in a highly compact unit that’s easy to integrate into the frame. However, despite being united in one package, both elements remain functionally separate in the interests of safety and serviceability. 

GWA Energy [M1028] offers a range of battery products and testing equipment. Its ibo-COP3 service tool is easy to operate and provides a quick test feature that can generate an A4-sized test report detailing the status of your battery. These can then be automatically saved to your laptop or PC or passed directly to a cloud server.

GWA Ibo COP3 Service Tool
Trend Power’s Slim Tube batteries now pack more power with no increase in size

Alongside its primary test mode, the ibo-COP3 service tool offers charging and discharging functions. These include a transportation mode that completely empties the battery before charging it and then discharging to 30% for stable storage and shipping. The smaller ibo-COP2 offers similar functionality for home use. It’s designed to work as a liaison between a charger and the firm’s R37, R45, and R50 battery pack. It’s then able to provide cell-balancing functions along with self-diagnostic tools. Either would pair perfectly with GWA’s many battery products, which will also be on display. 

Veloroof Electronics [R0622] is located in New Taipei City and specialises in designing and developing e-drive system controllers and battery management systems. It leverages years of market experience to offer comprehensive services, including system integration, regulatory certification, production line management, and after-sales support.

Developers Veloroof Electronics is ready to help with integration and testing

It provides physical products, including lithium-ion batteries, along with software and design services. This makes the firm an ideal partner for those seeking to design electrically assisted bicycles. Its customers retain the flexibility to choose commercially available products for system peripherals, with Veloroof Electronics stepping in to assist with product planning, specification confirmation, system integration, regulatory certification, and after-sales service.

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