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Connectivity, safety, and innovation power up the cycling experience

The prevalence of smartphones, the expectation of connectivity, and the trend for e-bikes are all driving a boom in smart cycling accessories. This broad category of products is united by a desire to make cycling more accessible and safer by using technology that goes above and beyond the mechanical. It could be a wireless charging station that makes your phone an integral navigation aid or a set of lights that knows when you’re turning and indicates for you. What unites them all is an innovative approach to design and reliance on new connected technologies. Below are some of the cleverest smart products at this year’s show. 

SP Connect Charging Module
SP Connect Charging Module

SP Connect [M0808] makes a range of bicycle phone mounts, all of which are compatible with its stylish phone cases. The latest of these lets you locate your phone on the handlebars for navigation while also connecting to your e-bike’s battery to provide on-the-go charging.

Given the drain that continuous screen use places on your phone, this system finally allows users to make the most of the wealth of apps available to cyclists without worrying about preserving their battery. Users are now also free to employ the latest inductive wireless charging protocols. This allows the firm’s chargers to provide 15 watts of power and a 100% waterproof construction. They also include a USB cable for charging other electronics, making them useful for various applications. 

SKS Compit
SKS Compit

The German accessory brand SKS [L1217] also offers cyclists solutions for charging their phones as they ride. Its Compit range of mounts has recently been expanded to include models that draw their charge directly from your e-bike’s battery. The new COM/PAD fast charging system offers inductive fast charging along with a USB-C connection for mobile phones without wireless charging capabilities.

It’s compatible with SKS’ wide range of cases and works with its existing mounts. It joins an established range of Compit+ mounts that feature power bank options for riders who want to extend the lifespan of their phone yet don’t have access to an e-bike battery. Instead, these packs can be charged off the bike to offer an extra 10,000 mAh to power your phone or other devices as you ride. 

Velco designs and manufactures premium Internet of Things (IoT) products for electric bicycles. These products can collect and receive data while also triggering actions remotely. Its products are intended to be integrated during the bike’s assembly stage and linked to the firm’s software suite.

Velco Mobitrax
Velco Mobitrax

As such, Velco’s Mobitrax unit enables many useful features, including detection of suspicious movements, alarm triggering, real-time geolocation, and remote switch-off. Anti-theft and tracking are the most apparent benefits of such a system. However, this year, these capabilities will be joined by weather forecast-specific journey planning and crash detection functions. These are precisely the kind of innovative features that can help bikemakers add stand-out value for tech-savvy users. The system’s ability to collect ride data directly from the bicycle also aids in remote diagnostics and can allow makers to send servicing reminders as they become due. Other data collected includes battery level, which will be of particular use to fleet operators. 

Meilan GPS Computer

Connecting accessories to your bike computer offers a range of possible smart synergies. Meilan’s [L1431] Navihood GPS bike computer is one unit making the most of these. When used with the firm’s matching CuteEye taillight, it can utilise route data to match the light’s turn signals to upcoming changes in direction automatically.

These are actuated without the need for input from the rider, helping keep them safe and allowing them to concentrate on the road ahead. Both units use a stable BLE 5.0 connection, which also provides for control of the taillight via a stand-alone remote for those without a computer. A matching front light is currently in the works, with similar connectivity ensuring it’ll also be able to seamlessly integrate with the brand’s expanding ecosystem. 

A less high-tech but equally clever way to ensure you know what’s going on behind you is to install a mirror. Hafny’s [L1407] HF-M6002LS-FR053 mirror enhances rider safety and benefits from HD automotive-grade glass, which is similar to that used on high-end car mirrors.

Hafny FR08
Hafny FR08

It features a long-than-average arm for efficient positioning plus a 360-degree rotatable ball joint for easy angle adjustment. These are supported by a 45-degree swing-back feature that allows the entire unit to move in case of impact. Finally, a newly patented clamp simplifies switching between rotating or fixed angles. 

AVS [L0501] makes a range of smart connected e-bike products. Among these, you’ll find centre display products backed by an attendant smartphone application. Complementing these is a range of handlebar remotes, the latest of which is the RC8-FS. This human-machine interface features a capacitive biometric fingerprint sensor. It allows e-bike users to secure their bikes by ensuring only authorised riders can access the system’s startup activation and deactivating the electronic lock needed to operate the e-vehicle.


The unit also features BLE connectivity and multi-colour backlight illuminated buttons for activating assist and walk mode, bike light control, general settings, and system power. Should your bike ever go missing, the firm suite of utilities includes GPS tracking capabilities. This is complemented by broad-spectrum compatibility with various drive systems and communication protocols. These, in turn, allow for features like OTA firmware updates and smartphone pairing to achieve remote control of bicycle functions. 

As e-bikes increasingly offer native connectivity, some users of more conventional models will feel left out. AlterLock [L0104] offers a retrofittable product that can alarm, monitor and track your bike, so even the most retro machines can now be connected to the Internet of Things. The firm’s compact anti-theft alarm and GPS tracking device bolts to your bike and connects with your smartphone.

Alterlock: Alarms, monitors and tracks bikes

It’ll then contact its user via text message if it detects suspicious movement while deterring theft via an automatic alarm. Should your bike still go missing, the AlterLock provides GPS tracking for up to one and a half months on a full charge to help you locate it. The device uses the Sigfox low-power wide area communication standard and is supported by the Japanese IT company Nextscape.

RST Smart Tag Platform
RST Smart Tag Platform

Also offering bolt-on tracking is the RST [K0802] Smart Tag. It’s based on Apple’s popular AirTag tracker, which uses a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network. These devices send the location of your AirTag to iCloud, where you can then use Apple’s Find My app to locate it on the map.

RST’s Smart Tag product makes hiding one of these tags within your fork’s steerer easy. Fitting is achieved with a hollow torq key for added security. The product won a Taipei Cycle Gold Award at last year’s show.

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