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Meilan E-bike Display E1

The E-bike Display E1 combines an E-bike Display, app, and Breadcrumb GPS e-bike computer in one device. As an e-bike display it indicates the usual functions such as Speed/Time/ODO/PAS/Power/Battery Status/Walks Assist/Maintenance note/Light control. It also seamlessly integrates with the Meilan app, allowing a range of functionality:

Wireless Setup and Sync: Meilan APP will set up and sync to the E1 hardware via Bluetooth.

Cycling Performance Analysis: E1 will record your ecycling track and store all cycling data in the device; then all data will be uploaded to the Meilan APP via Bluetooth. 

Wireless Sharing to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Komoot, Google Fit, Apple Health, Facebook via Meilan APP. Currently, Bosch Coboc does not have this function considering their software structure. In addition, the E1 offers breadcrumb navigation using Mapbox worldwide maps.

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