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Velo Releases Angel Revo Saddle Design, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

Since the launch of its first Chinese Zodiac saddle in 2015, Velo Saddles has continued the tradition of releasing a limited-edition Zodiac design each year. For 2023, Velo is adding the Golden Rabbit edition of its Zodiac series, featuring the Angel Revo saddle (MSRP $110).

Past designs in the Zodiac series included fun features like a gold chain hanging on the Year of the Dog saddle or a bull ring hanging from the nose on the Year of the Ox. But this year’s design has a more classic black and gold aesthetic. With the Year of the Rabbit looking to bring new hope to 2023, the design highlights black rabbit silhouettes across the saddle’s Omni Cover, complete with a gold Euphora Base shell. 

Designed for enhanced comfort and confidence to tackle even the longest rides, the 112 gram Angel Revo is 148mm in width, 248mm in length, and includes Velo’s patented pressure relief Y-Cutout. The Year of the Rabbit saddle is priced at $110 USD

Velo created their Golden Rabbit design for the new Angel Revo saddle, its first saddle to incorporate AtmosFoam. This is a nitrogen-infused foam designed to enhance performance and durability while minimizing the production process’s environmental impact. Including nitrogen in the foaming process results in a lighter, more responsive foam compared to other compounds with finer pore structures. The microcells are more evenly distributed, providing consistent rebound and shock absorbing capabilities. It also provides lower thermal conductivity, keeping contact with the saddle cooler in hotter weather conditions

The Year of the Rabbit Angel Revo saddle also features WaveOn tech. This contactless technology allows Velo to offer additional customer support with just one tap of a smartphone.

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