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Third generation takes the reins at Merida

Last year Merida Industry celebrated its 50th anniversary. The upcoming Lunar New Year holidays will see a changing of the guard as Michael Tseng hands over the presidency to his son Vansen, representing the third generation of the Tseng family in charge of the bicycle manufacturer.

Outgoing president Michael Tseng addressing journalists at a TAITRA press conference in Taichung in October 2019.
Merida Industry’s future president competing in the 2022 Twin Towers in One Day cycling challenge covering an impressive 520 km.

Taiwan’s bicycle industry may be a global player, but it is still dominated by family-owned enterprises along the entire supply line. Merida Industry, one of Taiwan’s leading bicycle manufacturers, is no exception: the company was founded by Ike Tseng back in 1972, and his son Michael moved up to become president in January 2012. Eleven years later, Merida Industry is Taiwan’s second-largest bicycle manufacturer with an annual turnover of USD 1.27 billion. Valued at USD 467 million, Merida Industry is one of the top ten Taiwanese global brands.

The upcoming Lunar New Year holiday marks a change of guard as Michael Tseng hands over the presidency of the company to his son Vansen on February 1st. Born in 1985, Vansen Tseng entered the family enterprise in 2004 and has since gained experience in manufacturing, procurement, product development, sales and marketing roles inside Merida. Lately, Vansen successfully led Merida in updating the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. He has also been focusing on actively implementing ESG reforms to further improve Merida’s environmental and commercial sustainability. Since Michael Tseng remains in his position of Merida Industry’s chairman, he will continue to play an important role in Taiwan’s bicycle industry. In late December 2022 and after a one-year tenure, Michael Tseng handed over the chairmanship of the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) to Robert Wu, chairman of chain manufacturer KMC.

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