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Eurobike Convention

Discover the newest and brightest ideas at the Eurobike Convention 

Alongside the latest products and services, Eurobike offers visitors an opportunity to shape the ideas and trends that will sustain cycling into the future. 

With five days of talks, lectures, and workshops across the show this year, the conceptual side of Eurobike will look at designing the future of mobility.

Eurobike: Cargo-Shooting 2020 in Ravensburg
Eurobike: Cargo-Shooting 2020 in Ravensburg

At the heart of this is the new Eurobike Convention, a single-day event taking place tomorrow – Wednesday 13th July – in Hall 8.

“We have a huge area for panels and discussions, with a lot of stuff going on over the five days of the show,” says Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike.

“Part of our aim is to create an atmosphere where the industry, initiatives, associations, and other players that can change legislation discuss and bring things forward together”. 

Opening the entire Eurobike show, the conference day itself will be split into three thematic blocks. The first of these will address ‘planning and designing the city of tomorrow’. This will look at how we can affect the transformation of our current infrastructure to create more cycling-friendly cities. 

Janette Sadik Khan By Olugbenro Photography
Janette Sadik Khan
By Olugbenro Photography

Topic two will be ‘mobility at work’. This will examine how corporate entities can encourage more sustainable transport, with an emphasis on cooperation between government and municipalities. 

Finally, ‘interfaces of local mobility’ looks at how different modes of local travel can be better linked with each other – both in the digital and physical environment. 

With events throughout the day, mobility expert, consultant, and author Janette Sadik-Khan will deliver the first of two keynote speeches.

A former New York City Department of Transportation commissioner, she’ll address the topic of people-oriented urban planning, the redistribution of space, and how to build cross-stakeholder cooperation to make this happen. 

Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr Volker Wissing
Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr Volker Wissing

Talking about the need to make cycling the easiest and most stress-free option for as many journeys as possible, the event’s second and final keynote speech will be delivered by Germany’s Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr Volker Wissing. 

“The convention is one of the conceptional changes we wanted to make when moving the show to Frankfurt”, explains Reisinger. 

“In the past, Eurobike was mainly a product show, and that’s something we will change. This year and in the future, there will be more discussion about mobility and how the bicycle can help change the world for the better. That’s what we’re trying to achieve with the convention”. 

A second benefit of expanding the scope of Eurobike to include a broader focus on cycling policy is to attract a wider audience to the show. 

“By putting topics like politics and society on the agenda, not only can we generate a bigger positive impact, we also create a wider network of people who might be interested to get in touch with the bicycle industry,” says Reisinger.

Sure to be an intriguing opening to five days of bicycle-related activities, the Eurobike Convention should be the first stop for anyone interested in the future of cycling.

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