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Eurobike Premiere: the 3X3 NINE Gear hub

3X3 is a brand of H+B Hightech GmbH, a highly specialized manufacturing company from Swabia/Germany with focus on future-oriented engineering. The vision of the brand is: FREE YOUR BIKE. For 3X3, this means building a gear shift that always works perfectly without much maintenance. Extensive experience in automated manufacturing allows 3X3 to combine in-depth know-how with new technical standards and reliable deliveries. 

NINE by 3×3

The first product 3X3 is launching is the NINE. The product premiere will be celebrated at the Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt. Due to the compatibility with all common thru axles and quick releases, the NINE can be integrated into almost any bike. With its high efficiency and a gear ratio of 554%, the NINE works great in touring bikes and mountain bikes. The high input torque of 250 Nm means the hub is ideally suited for e-bikes and cargo bikes with powerful engines.

NINE: Performance data

Gears                                       9

Gear ratio                                554 %

Gear jumps                             23,76 %

Input torque                            up to 250 Nm

Weight                                     2 kg

Drive                                       chain or belt

Brake discs                            160,180, 203 and 220 mm

Spoke flange                          32-hole and 36-hole

Frame standards                   135 mm quick release

                                                 142 mm thru axle 12 mm

                                                 148 mm thru axle 12 mm

Shift control                              Rotary shift or E-shift


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