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BICO and Eurobike agree long-term trade fair partnership

With ZEG and VSF already committed to the new Eurobike format, the event is enjoying prominent support from the industry. Now one of the largest purchasing associations in Germany, Bike & Co (BICO), is committing to the new Eurobike show from 13 to 17 July 2022 in Frankfurt. BICO, a service provider for more than 850 independent retailers and over 130 brand suppliers, is signing up to the new Eurobike with a comprehensive involvement over a number of years. BICO’s ordering days and Eurobico will form part of the new concept for the leading trade fair.

“Our latest collaboration during the Eurobico premiere has shown that BICO and Eurobike are a good match and are generating new synergies for the benefit of the entire bike industry. Our new partnership represents the continuation of our shared success and a strong foundation for a broad display of innovations within the sector, as well as a high-quality exchange between experts as part of the future Eurobike,” said Eurobike chief and Fairnamic Managing Director Stefan Reisinger, who welcomed the association’s strong commitment to the new format.

The agreement covers a period of three years, up to and including 2024. BICO’s involvement in the trade fair extends across all five days of the show and includes an evening event organised for the association itself. BICO Managing Director Jörg Müsse explains: “BICO is very keen to support the efforts to provide fresh impetus for a leading trade fair focusing on the topics of bikes and cycling. Frankfurt as a venue is centrally located and also readily accessible for international visitors. The concept behind the Eurobike 2022 trade fair is very promising, which makes it easy for us to take the decision of compacting the trade fair calendar in the interest of our specialist retailers. Sadly, though, it does mean that BICO will be bidding farewell to the very successful Bike&Co order days. Nevertheless, we believe that an important central trade fair will be able to strengthen the high level of interest in our product and cannot fail to bring gains for the industry as a whole.”

The 30th edition of Eurobike will be premiering in its new location of Frankfurt am Main from Wednesday, 13 July until Sunday, 17 July 2022. For more information, please visit:

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