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Oli eBike Systems: a quick fix for long delivery times

Edge mid-motor by Oli E-Bike Systems

Having trouble sourcing mid-motors for your e-bikes? You are probably not alone, but there may well be a solution that is being produced in Europe thank to Italian supplier Oli eBike Systems [A1-310].

Thus far, the line-up of Oli eBike Systems consisted of the Sport and Move Plus models, both aiming at utility bikes rather than e-MTBs. With its new Edge mid-motor that goes into production in May 2022, the Italian manufacturer is now targeting the sports segment, and the specs of this compact mid-motor are pretty impressive. With a weight of 2.9 kilograms and a maximum torque of 90 Nm, it is a worthy alternative to the flagship motors of the established suppliers.

Oli’s Eleonora Guanella with the Edge motor

Apart from these numbers, there are other reasons why the motors of Oli eBike Systems deserve consideration, as Corporate Operation Manager Michele Modenese explains: “First, we offer our new Edge motor in two versions that fit the interface for Bosch’s mid-motors or for Shimano’s Steps 8000 and EP8 motors. Then there’s the reduced carbon footprint since we source all parts and materials apart from some electronics and the motor unit in Europe and assemble the motors in Modena. And last but not least our delivery time is as low as six months for OE orders.”

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