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Ying Paio Enterprise

Fix it, don’t throw it. Ying Paio is a manufacturer of tire repair products for all vehicles. With a range including tire puncture repair kits, Rubber Patch, Rubber Cement/Solution, Tire Seal Strip w/Tool Kits, CO2 Repair Kits, and Glueless Repair Kits, they’ve been active in this field more than 40 years. Owning two factories, one in Taipei and one in Xiamen, it produces the well known ‘Thumbs Up’ brand. Exporting to more than a hundred countries across the world, it also maintains a strong presence in its home markets of China and Taiwan. In recent years the firm has moved with developments in the bicycle tyre market, particularly the increasing uptake of tubeless systems. 

With a set of tubeless tyres representing a significant investment, Ying Paio’s repair products ensure that a hole in yours needn’t mean they’re a write-off. Tailoring its product sets to various environments, it produces numerous kits aimed at different retail markets along with workshop use. An expert in everything to do with tyres and tubes, the firm also supplies accessories such as tools, valve cores, caps, and adaptors. Servicing the retail market with its own branded products, Ying Paio also caters to the original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer markets. 

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