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Messingschlager New integrated e-bike components

Elegance and integration are essential for e-bikes. For the 2023 model year, Germany’s Messingschlager is offering nine e-bike platforms, from the sporty to the practical. An essential feature of each is the combination of luggage rack and mudguard. A new design, this integrated luggage rack and mudguard system enables both components to be mounted to in-house models from the GEN 2 and Urban Light series without additional mudguard stays. Alternatively, the mudguard can be mounted without a large luggage rack, but only with minimalist stays, which can hold light panniers by themselves. As the attachment points can be set flexibly, both variants are also suitable for rear triangles from many other suppliers. Covering a range of applications, the firm’s mudguards are available in twin widths of 59mm and 69mm. Developed especially for the carbon and aluminium E-MTB Fully platforms, Messingschlager also offers a dedicated luggage rack with the option to integrate a matching aluminium mudguard should you so wish. 

12.1 / B12.

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