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FIT E-Bike Control app Digital Key and Drive Screen

FIT E-Bike Control app – networked everywhere

The Geo Range shows which distance can be covered with the selected support level – and whether the battery capacity is sufficient for the planned route. With the FIT E-Bike Control app, practical additional functions and components can also be integrated.

When the FIT E-Bike Control app is connected to the e-bike, all its information can be displayed and settings can be customized. The app can be used with the integrated navigation for tour planning or connected to the Komoot app, which displays all past and planned routes.

FIT Digital Key 

With the unlockable FIT Digital Key function, the smartphone can be conveniently used as a digital key that locks and unlocks the electronic components. The digital key offers extra security in combination with the Linka FIT* electronic frame lock. The lock can be screwed to the frame and is controllable via the FIT Digital Key.

*Can be retrofitted to e-bikes with “Linka-ready” by specialist dealers.

FIT Drive Screen

The FIT Drive Screen transforms the smartphone into a full-fledged display with access to all driving data. And what’s more: it offers detailed navigation and route planning with range forecast (Geo Range). The menu can be controlled via smartphone or via the control element of the e-bike. To do this, simply connect the e-bike to the FIT E-Bike Control app and activate the function as a lifetime version or annual license via in-app purchase.

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