24″ kid’s e-bike

“E-bikes under your own brand and a market launch in a maximum of 12 months? No problem!” This is the promise made by the importer Messingschlager from Baunach in Germany. Supported by the development and procurement expertise of the largest European bicycle parts importer, the customer can configure e-bikes from eight different concept platforms or contribute their own concept ideas. The latest kids bike model with Bafang drive is the “”.
Youngsters in particular often lag behind when it comes to mobility, because of lack of strength and lung capacity. With this new children‘s e-bike, Messingschlager builds a bridge between fitness and mobility and give the young a fun, fully-fledged e-bike concept by which today‘s modern family can experience the mobility of tomorrow.
Geometry, seating position, proportions and engine power are adapted to the special needs of children and adolescents and generates a high level of riding pleasure from the very first moment. In order to have enough agility and perfect handling for little ones, the e-bike rolls on 24-inch wheels and weighs a slim 16 kilograms. A 26” version is also in preparation. 
The compact motor system from Bafang nestles – almost invisibly – in the dynamic silhouette, because the powerful hub motor is hidden in the rear wheel. The compact, fully integrated 360 Wh battery with 21700 cell technology is perfectly concealed in the slim down tube.

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