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720armour to launch the first redeemable NFT sport sunglasses

In a first for the industry, eyewear specialist 720armour is cooperating with Blockchain Startup JBL GameFi to launch Mars, the first RNFT sport sunglasses. RNFT is an NFT that can be redeemed for a physical product. By owning Mars, you will be able to redeem a pair of 720armour Mars sport sunglasses with a unique number. 720armour guarantees redeemability within the redemption period, while JBL GameFi is offering its JBL NFT-Yield Farming platform. After the redemption, the owner will receive a joint commemorative NFT. Mars is launched on March 15th with a limited production of only 100 pairs. 

According to 720armour, “NFTs give the possibility of changing how actual products are produced, sold, owned and consumed. NFTs assure persistent digital asset ownership. Instead of mass production, it reduces consumption, waste and environmental impact. When it comes to branding, NFTs could be the central digital touchpoint between brands and their consumers. These are the reasons why 720armour and JBL GameFi have partnered to launch limited edition Mars, the first redeemable NFT sport sunglasses ahead of our competitors.”

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