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The biggest tyre brand you never heard of …yet…

Founded in 1988, the Tianjin Wanda Tyre Group is one of China’s bigger tyre manufacturers. To grow its bicycle business, the Chinese manufacturer is now looking for distributors for its Obor [A5-404] aftermarket brand.

Obor at Eurobike

A popular way to increase profitability and income for large manufacturers is to launch an aftermarket brand that is positioned higher than its usual products – look at Cheng Shin Tyres and Maxxis as an example. Or ZC Rubber and Arisun if you prefer an example from China. The Tianjin Wanda Tyre Group now wants to do the same with the Obor brand, launched a year and a half ago. Positioned in the mid- to high-end segment, this brand offers a comprehensive line-up of bicycle tyres for utility and sports use as well as inner tubes. Due to the high production capacity, Obor’s tyres are available on short notice, which is not necessarily the case with many well-known brands at the moment. So far, Obor has distribution partners in Greece and Poland. With its booth at the Eurobike show, the brand wants to find distributors in more countries of Europe and beyond.

Tianjin Wanda Obor Jumping Hare

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