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What’s not to love about the new E-Bhan 2.0 from Safety Labs?

We’ve upgraded almost every aspect of our popular urban E-Bhan helmet because why would we settle for great when we can be even better? Our new E-Bhan 2.0 wraps the head with better materials and an improved design for greater protection. 

First in fit

The helmet is equipped with the Pro 360º Adjustment Fit system, which is smaller than its oversized predecessor and literally lets you dial in a secure fit. Another sizable upgrade from the earlier version is height adjustment to fully secure the helmet to the head. A properly fitting helmet is more aerodynamic and most importantly, safer than a poorly fitting helmet, which is why we prioritized the helmet’s lateral and vertical fit.

Adding to the helmet’s safety features, the exterior is made from a strong, PC In-mold construction bonded to a shock-absorbing EPS liner to protect the head from impact. This construction method allows for better ventilation without compromising strength and safety. 

The EROS 2.0 has improved airflow and consequently, heat management and comfort. 
Soft padding on the helmet’s interior adds to its comfort; discreet straps and an ITW buckle give it style. 

Subtle style

We’ve taken an additional step to make sure that the rider can avoid trouble approaching from behind with an optional XL rear light. Being seen is as important as seeing and the LED clicks into its custom designed place at the rear of the helmet.

The new lightweight, pro design flows uninterrupted front to back and features subtler edges for improved aerodynamics. The E-Bhan 2.0 borrows its shape and fit characteristics from our most popular Expedo and Xeno helmets, but it stands on its own in terms of strength, safety, and style.

Color options are the same as the current E-Bhan 2.0: black, grey, red, and white. Weighing in at 220g for a size M, the new E-Bhan 2.0 is the perfect fit for urban riders who tow the paceline, ride to work, or for fun, who slip into the weekly crit.

Availability for the E-Bhan 2.0 starts at the beginning of September. The one thing that wasn’t upgraded on the E-Bhan 2.0 is its price, which remains the same at 54,99€ for consumer.

Safety Labs booth B3-303

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