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A-Pro R001-C42CL

Physical exercise is a global concern and gaining in popularity as people become aware of the benefits that cycling brings, including better mental health, as well as exploration of the environment. With more and more demands on electric bicycles, many manufacturers are gearing up for positive growth and proactively investing in product development.

The APRO-R001 is created with a new design and process optimization. In APRO-R001, we have improved rigidity by 102% and impact strength by 19%. With the APRO-R001 and the long-endurance battery, riders can enjoy their journey on gravel or other roads with peace of mind. 

Using Tubeless-Ready and Clincher can mitigate the risk of pinch flats and increase the capability of rim bead shelves to hold the tire, which raises the riders’ self-confidence significantly. An asymmetric rim design keeps both sides of the wire tension nearly equal. With this design, the useful life for the wheel sets can be extended, and the stability of cornering can be increased, ensuring safety and comfort.

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