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Velo Launches Anti-Bacterial Saddle, Grip, Handlebar Tape

This year saddlemaker Velo launches a range of anti-bacterial saddles, grips, and handlebar tapes. With all of us increasingly concerned about personal hygiene, Velo has spent significant time researching various anti-bacterial materials and technologies. Shown in lab tests to reduce the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli bacteria, its latest anti-bacterial technology is now found on Velo’s Phat O and Pump OM saddles along with its Vine Wrap bar tape and some grips.

Antibacterial saddles Pump OM (VL-3147) and PHAT O (VL-6099E)

Also new for the show is a pair of e-bike specific saddles. These are the MTB-specific VL-3575 and the VL-6535 for general e-bike usage. As e-bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles, both saddles have built-in I-Carry hidden handles, allowing riders to easily lift and move the electric bicycle with a firm grip on the saddle. Both models use Velo’s exclusive AirForm shock-absorbing padding to provide support along with the firm’s patented Atmos Shaping technology which imparts sleek lines yet is also easy to clean. The VL-3575 comes in a compact 252mm length with a short nose. This aims to allow riders to move more freely over the saddle while also offering multiple sitting positions. At the same time, its abrasion-resistant cover material prevents scuffing and scratches. Also new this year, Velo is publishing its first digital OEM catalogue allowing customers to review Velo’s product line-up without travelling to Taiwan. It can be found at

eMTB-oriented VL-3575 and the VL-6535 for general e-bike usage
Digital OEM catalogue

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