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True East

True East is a Taiwanese maker of bicycle-specific bags and luggage. Making everything from a complete range of the latest bikepacking-style bags to phone carriers and twin-strap backpacks, it offers both own-brand and customer design-led services. Also creating case-type bags for transporting your bicycle by aeroplane, these include a lightweight and packable model that can be collapsed down on reaching your destination, along with a more robust design featuring dedicated wheel compartments. On show this year alongside these and its extensive range of more traditional panniers, the latest addition to True East’s product line is a stylish under-saddle tool roll. Held in place by a ratcheting wire strap and dial of the kind often found on high-end cycling shoes, its stiff fabric construction unfolds to reveal an organiser with space for tools, tube, and CO2 inflator. A more stylish choice for roadies adverse to traditional saddle packs, its low-key looks will suit everyone from racers to gravel riders. 

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