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KMC sees strong demand during pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, chain maker KMC has seen strong demand for its products, driven partly by users’ desire to avoid public transport. Correspondingly, among the most marked areas of growth has been the firm’s e-bike products. An established player in the market, KMC claims to be the only chain company that has specifically applied new technology to better cope with the tensile and torsional stresses created by e-bike mid-motors. As such its e-Bike series chains utilize many unique features. Key among them is KMC’s new Shield Tech e-riveting process which claims to result in a 25% stronger chain. Employing an oversized pin design, this sees an upgraded pin power of 450kgf alongside a tensile strength of over 1050kgf. The perfect match for powerful mid-motor bikes, the technology is available across KMC’s 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-speed e-bike chains. Alongside chains, KMC now also offers an expanding range of chainrings. Featuring a special tooth profile designed to match the seat of the chain roller perfectly, its Chain Mate range aims for the most efficient transmission along with increased chain retention and durability. Utilizing a direct-mount design for easier assembly and maintenance along with a premium high-tensile steel construction, they are compatible with all Bosch, and most Shimano and Yamaha drivetrain systems. 

KMC e-Bike chain
KMC e-bike chain

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