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Kavulungan carbon fibre wheelsets

The name Kavulungan comes from Taiwan’s aboriginal Paiwan language. As a company, Kavulungan focuses on the design and production of high-quality carbon fibre wheelsets for both committed amateur riders and elite athletes. With an in-house assembly line including full moulding capability, CNC machining facilities, and fatigue test laboratory, these are backed by a dedicated department of research covering the development of carbon fibre materials. Furthering this pursuit of new technology and design, the brand also collaborates with the sports science lab at the Pingtung University of Science and Technology. One result of this research has been the creation of Black Tech, an exclusive process of carbon fibre production in which both the angle and stacking of the fibres is tailored to match the structural requirements of each product. Producing both rims and hubs before in-house assembly, Kavulungan also provides a full range of accessories, from wheel bags through tubeless valves, skewers, and even socks to match your hoops. With its own expansive wheel range embodying all the latest trends like wide rims and tubeless compatibility, Kavulungan is also able to take on contract work, providing custom wheelsets for bike makers or lending its production capabilities and decades of experience to other wheel brands. 

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