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Solar backpack by Everbliss Green

Endless energy from the sun. Everbliss Green is a manufacturer of solar panels specialising in bags and luggage that are also green energy products. Ideal for powering the electronics of outdoor-loving people including cyclists, since 2015 it’s specialized in researching and manufacturing solar backpacks, and is the first domestic Taiwanese firm to dedicate itself to soft solar panel products. Now its new 32-litre Solar Shark backpack aims to provide a perfect solution to outdoor energy problems. As long as it’s sunny, the backpack can use its solar panels to store power and provide electricity to various consumer electronic devices via its USB charging lead. Ideal for travelling, camping, or bicycle touring, it uses flexible solar panels, which are lightweight, thin, waterproof, and durable. Tough enough for outdoor use, it’s backed by a complete warranty and after-sales service. Part of an ever-expanding range of carrying products with integrated solar capacity, it can provide 5-volts of DC power. Place it flat and in full sunlight and it promises to increase your phone’s battery power by 30% in an hour. With one eye on the future, most Everbliss Green products also contain space for upgraded functionality as technology improves. 

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