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Zeno SpeedLink Q-Connector Lite

Creating a huge range of braking components, Zeno has been commended by the judges of the 2021 Taipei International Bicycle Show Design Award for the innovation of its products. The two products singled out were its SpeedLink Q-Connector Lite for hydraulic brake systems and its CAPLock anti-theft series products.

Hydraulic brakes provide excellent power and control, but maintenance and installation can be difficult and requires specialist tools, plus the specifications of each brand are also different. Zeno’s SpeedLink Q-Connector Lite solves these problems, being easy install to with just an 8mm open-end wrench. Suitable for most brake specifications and reusable, it can be set up wherever needed along the brake line or fitted directly at the calliper or leaver. With the oil circuit automatically closed when the connector is disconnected, it can withstand pressures above 4,500-psi. Also award-winning is Zeno’s new CAPLock anti-theft products for urban riding. Of course, a D-lock can prevent theft of the entire vehicle, but it doesn’t prevent thieves from stealing parts. These gravity-based anti-theft products protect components without keys. Including seat post collars, axle skewers, and anti-theft nuts for conventional and motor hubs, as long as your bike remains locked upright, these parts can’t be removed. 

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