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Uniwill Technology: gamifying indoor cycling

Even before many countries had to go into lockdown e-sports and indoor cycling were both booming. Uniwill Technology aims to take computer game-style technology and use it to make indoor cycling more exciting. Combating the monotony that means cyclist often don’t stick to their indoor training goals, WhiizU: World is an indoor cycling training app that lets cyclists meet, train, and race in virtual reality. With no poor weather, late starts, or punctures, it simulates cycling routes from the real world and creates a gamified experience to make indoor cycling more immersive, interactive, and competitive. Able to reflect geographic features, along with the exact elevation, slope, and distance based on existing routes, users can accurately compare their cycling performance both indoors and out. WhiizU is also an e-sports ecosystem for cyclists. Allowing groups to come together for social or competitive events, these are as applicable to riders living in different countries yet meeting up to ride as they are to group classes held in a gym. For those looking to get into shape, WhiizU also includes structured ERG workouts and customized training sessions. Working with smart trainers, cyclists can designate a particular power output via the workout plan to improve their maximum power, with data from their workouts displayed and stored in an easily accessible format. 

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