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Elite Energy’s ZK1 downtube e-drive system

Elite Energy aims to make smartly-integrated electrical assistance to power the coolest looking bikes. Its ZK1 product is an e-bike system that brings together multiple-precision electronic parts into a unit that’s compact enough to be located seamlessly within the downtube. Compared to a bulky conventional mid-motor, it provides riders with all the assistance they need from a more fashionable and conventional-looking bicycle. Easily integrated into manufacturers’ designs, unusually the ZK1 system can also be used with a front derailleur, greatly improving its compatibility. Alongside its drive function, it also boasts a host of the latest smart features. Among these is its creative keyless start system. Allowing people to get rid of the constraints of a conventional key, the bike can be automatically activated via a fob or the user’s smartphone. Also allowing riders to access live data, its matching app can display battery percentage, battery temperature, and kilometres travelled, along with letting riders both remotely locate and lock their bike. Further connected to the cloud, this system will also monitor the bike 24/7, notifying users of upcoming servicing or helping them locate their missing machine. On-bike smart features also include automatic lighting, including a reactive brake light function. 

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