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Darfon: total solutions for e-bike makers

Darfon is a specialist in eco-friendly technologies that delivers innovative IT peripherals, passive components, and green energy solutions. Providing total solutions for e-bike makers, one of Darfon’s key competencies is in battery development. Recently the firm has invested heavily in developing the latest 21700 generation technology to produce a full range of SHIMANO-STePS-compatible batteries. However, producing batteries alone is not the end of Darfon’s work. After establishing local technical service teams in Europe, America, and Asia, and joining the Shimano Service Program, Darfon’s goal for 2021 is to further expand the scale and quality of service it provides to customers worldwide.

Darfon Battery E6C06

Besides creating its own products, Darfon’s original design manufacturing team offers customers professional electromechanical integration capabilities, including those using the CANBUS communication protocol, as well as cloud and IoT technologies. This allows Darfon’s team to integrate battery safety management, GPS, APP, anti-theft and other convenient functions into the bicycle. Deeply engaged in promoting green energy technology, Darfon provides customers with a one-stop service for the design and development of everything from customized components to complete e-bike solutions.

Ebike Component Display
Darfon Smart Charger 36V 4A B240 001

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