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720armour’s virtual Try-ON app

720armour is a sunglasses brand specially designed for Asian faces. Its product range covers everything from watersports, through cycling, and mountaineering. Having found events in its home base of Taiwan less affected than those in the rest of the world, the firm has nevertheless recently invested in pandemic-proof technology. Having found it difficult to get products into shops in other regions, its latest 5G and augmented-reality programmes let customers virtually trial its sunglasses wherever they are. Also helping digital retailers, its latest Virtual Try-ON app uses people’s smartphones to let them virtually try out and snap pictures of the latest styles. At the same time, 720 has built on its existing range.

The popular A-Fei and Mars models which serve both athletic and casual use remain, however, they’re now joined by a new Flash model. Continuing 720’s focus on ergonomic technology and advanced optical development, these performance glasses are equipped with the latest patented technology, allowing for a versatile structure that can be assembled to make either a whole, half, or rimless frame. Made using an eco-friendly Arkema G850 bio-plastic to reduce the impact on the environment, the enhanced lifespan of this material also improves their environmental credentials. At the same time, 720 has also just launched sunglasses with frames created from recycled ocean waste. Good news however you choose to look at it. 

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